Larry Slater

Innovative Publishing

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Whether it's a class assignment or an article, a chapter from a textbook or a product manual, you can now share it with customers, collegues or friends. They can also me marvelous mini marketing messages that present your message in engaging ways on social networks or in emails.

ePhlet Tutorials

A new way of looking at tutorials: make them fantastic to view, fun to navigate and easy to share. Create one for customers seeking more instruction on using your product or thinking of ways to use the latest "must have" item or to publisize your next product roll-out.


Mini-module tutorials include rich media video or a “progress at your own speed” 2D comic/slide format that people WANT to use. Add in graphic animation, audio step-by-step instruction for “eyes free” guidance and a check-list summary of each operation and you have an unbeatable mix.


Combine the unmatched power for instruction of the mini-modules into an entire eCourse for your next project. Everyone online should view this cyber-security eCourse that utilizes my exclusive mini-module technology.

Paperbacks & Media

A unique experiment in marrying paperback book pubhishing and digital media publishing into one item. Now you can have the presitige and stability of "real" book publishing and the excitement of digital media in one package.


In the past, publishing a book used to mean turning your ideas into a paper-bound book. But now you can turn those same ideas into a professional looking portable digital document that can be sent to anyone instantly over the Internet.