Just Out!

Stripping away all the meaningless crust of our existence, this work discovers the simple and the profound in life; both are sides of the same coin and both propel us towards our true selves.

But in order to discover our true selves, we must begin our journey into an eternity with a guide of our own choosing.

Which one will you choose?

Read and contemplate the consequences of your choice.

Written in the same vein as John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, A Journey Into Eternity delves into the reason for our need to change; from what we are to what we were meant to become.

A Journey Into Eternity is designed for mobile viewing. Read it now and be ready for your own journey into eternity.

A Journey Into Eternity

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Conversations With Brother Lawrence (PDFs)

How to Win the Battle Against Sin

Who Really Are the Convicts?

Are You Just "Dating" God?

Dog Days Are Not Just For an Afternoon

The Egg Story Is More Than What Came First

Is Everybody Really Doing It? - Pt. 1

Is Everybody Really Doing It? - Pt. 2

Is Everybody Really Doing It? - Pt. 3

Are We Seeing Eye to Eye?

Is There Anything Stonger Than the Faith of a Child?

What Family Traditions Do You Have?

Are Minding Your Own Business, or God's Business?

Are You Putting Yourself on God's Throne?

Which Do You Want: Either Greed or Envy?

How Do You Help Hurting People?

Was John Lennon Trying to Destroy Heaven?

Is God a Lier?

Do You Remember the Children's Song Beginning With: "J" is for Jesus?

When Does a Molehill Overcome a Mountain?

Monday Morning Motivation

Having More is Not Always Good More

Have You Heard The Saying: "There Is No Such Thing As a Free Lunch?"

Not Much, But Everything

What Does an Immigrant Need Help With?

Does Our Temporal Needs Outweigh Our Spiritual Needs?

What is the Afterlife? - Pt. 1

What is the Afterlife? - Pt. 2

What is the Afterlife? - Pt. 3

Why Do We Have So Great a Need For Water?

How Can the Actions of One Person Change the Course of Human History?

What Do Mick Jagger and Brother Lawrence Have In Common?

Thrift-Store Theology (PDFs)

Is the Baptism of Jesus Important in Today's Church?

Are these Troubled Times Any Different Than Biblical Times?

Is Western Christiandom Really that Dependant on Greek Philosophy?

What is the Main Purpose of Christianity in America Today?

Are the Sermons of Today too Soft?

Don't Blame Someone Else. We are the Problem

Searching for God at Ground Zero, and Finding Him

Are You Giving Your Tithe?

Do We Have a Thrift-Store Theology?

Why Do We Say: "Why Did God Do This to Me?"

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